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A marvellous show at Woodbine Farm on Saturday 8th June, followed by a great meal, with Manx Loaghtan lamb from Jeff Clarke, at the Shoulder of Mutton Grandborough, and an interesting and thought provoking after-dinner speech from Rob Havard, managing director of the RBST. Sue Taylor stretched our minds with her fleece quizzes, and Jeff Clarke, our generous host, explained how to butcher and market meat.

Winners were:

Steriopulos Perpetual Isle of Man Trophy (Championship) - Carol Kempson with Knightley Q
The Cassie Trophy (Reserve Championship) - Carol Kempson with Cannons Honey
The Sheelagh Holmes Award (Most Primitive Sheep) - Barry & Caroline Lewis
The Photographic Trophy - Wayne Scott

Class 1 Senior ram - 1st: Carol Kempson with Q, 2nd: Suzanne Taylor with Walter, 3rd: Barry & Caroline Lewis with Snaefell 2nd, 4th:John Hedges with Thomas, 5th: Suzanne Taylor with Hugo
Class 2 Shearling ram - 1st: Suzanne Taylor with Yokel, 2nd: Suzanne Taylor with Yasain, 3rd: Andrew & Shari Wilson with Delta, 4th: Barry & Caroline Lewis, 5th: John Hedges with Jacoby
Class 3 Ram lamb - 1st: Lisa Forrest & William Scott , 2nd: John Hedges, 3rd: Suzanne Taylor, 4th: Carol Kempson, 5th: Suzanne Taylor
Class 4 Senior ewe - 1st: Carol Kempson with Honey, 2nd: John Hedges with Freda, 3rd: Carol Kempson with Guinevere, 4th: Suzanne Taylor, 5th: Lisa Forrest & William Scott
Class 5 Shearling ewe - 1st: Carol Kempson with Iona, 2nd: Jeff Clarke, 3rd: Barry & Caroline Lewis, 4th: Jeff Clarke, 5th: Suzanne Taylor
Class 6 Ewe lamb - 1st: Suzanne Taylor, 2nd: Suzanne Taylor, 3rd: Carol Kempson, 4th: John Hedges, 5th: Barry & Caroline Lewis
Class 7 Veteran ewe - 1st: Barry & Caroline Lewis with Kione, 2nd: Mary Knibbs, 3rd: John Hedges
Class 8 Group of Three - 1st: Carol Kempson, 2nd: Suzanne Taylor, 3rd: John Hedges, 4th: Barry & Caroline Lewis
Class 9 Wool on the Hoof - 1st: Suzanne Taylor, 2nd: Suzanne Taylor, 3rd: Andrew & Shari Wilson, 4th: Barry & Caroline Lewis
Class 10 Most Primitive - 1st Barry & Caroline Lewis, 2nd: John Hedges, 3rd: Carol Kempson
Class 1: Portrait of one Manx Loaghtan sheep: 1st Wayne Scott; 2nd Wayne Scott; 3rd Carol Kempson
Class 2: Manx Loaghtan sheep in a natural setting{ 1st Joanna Hobson; 2nd Carol Kempson; 3rd Lisa Forrest & Willian Scott
Class 3: Manx Loaghtan action photo: 1st Carol Kempson
Class 4: Amusing photo of Manx Loaghtan sheep: 1st Joanna Hobson; 2nd Lisa Forrest & Willian Scott ; 3rd Carol Kempson
Class 1 Garment: 1st Shari Wilson
Class 2 Toy 1st Frogs Abbey
Class 3 Open 1st Emma Thorne, Frogs Abbey; 2nd Emma Thorne, Frogs Abbey
1st Carol Kempson
2nd Carol Kempson
3rd Joanna Hobson