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Melton 2016
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Melton Mowbray 2013: Judge George Steriopulos, Champion ram Ronasvoe Herriot from Cathy & Darren Cassie, and Reserve Champion ewe lamb Saepes Kiss from John Hedges,

A line up of winning rams at the 2013 Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' group Annual Show

Melton Mowbray 2016: Judge Alan Muddiman, Champion ram Ronasvoe Aragorn from Cathy Cassie, and Reserve Champion ram lamb Saepes Nethaniel from John Hedges,

NEW! September 2016: Good show of Manx in the Gransden and District (Cambridgeshire) show 24/9/16 Primitive Sheep classes. John Hedges ewe lamb first in Primitive ewe lamb class and Reserve Champion for Primitive Classes, John’s four horned ram and ewe taking first place in the Pairs Class, Robert Wood’s ram took second place in the Ram class and new exhibitor, William Hammond’s sheep gave a very consistent performance gaining third place in all the primitive classes. Further success for the Hammond family at the show was his Dad’s marrow, taking second prize in the Heaviest Marrow class in the Vegetable Show.


Ram Class
1st Cathy Cassie’s Rosenvoe Aragon
2nd Richard & Judith Hawkhead’s Sunbeck 00224
3rd Carol Kempson’s Cannons Lewes
Ewe Class
1st Carol Kempson’s Cannons Lara
2nd Cathy Cassie’s Ronasvoe Adina
3rd John Hedges’ Saepes Martinette
Ram lamb Class
1st John Hedges’ Saepes Nethaniel
2nd Barry & Caroline Lewis’ Lewislox Gibb
Ewe Lamb Class
1st Barry & Caroline Lewis’ Baljean
2nd Barry & Caroline Lewis’ Queeny
3rd Barry & Caroline Lewis’ Ruby
Wool on the Hoof
1st John Hedges’ Saepes Nethaniel
2nd Carol Kempson’s Cannons Lillie
Trophy winners
Breed Champion: Cathy Cassie’s ram Rosanvoe Aragon awarded the A E Boraston Perpetual Memorial Trophy
Reserve Champion: John Hedges’ ram lamb Saepes Nethaniel awarded the MLSBG Trophy for Reserve Champion
Best Opposite Sex: Carol Kempson’s ewe Cannons Lara awarded the MLSBG Trophy for Best Opposite Sex
Best Four Horned Ram: Lynn Arrowsmith’s Sunbeck 00338 awarded the IoM Manx Loaghtan Breed Society Trophy for Best Four Horned Ram
Best Four Horned Ewe: Carol Kempson’s ewe Cannons Lara awarded the Portfield Trophy for Best Four Horned Ewe
Wool on the Hoof: John Hedges’ Ram Lamb Saepes Nethaniel awarded the Maybeck’s Trophy

July 2016: MLSBG National Show Champion Cannons Lucy (shearling ewe, C Kempson) and reserve Holbourne Bert (shearling tup, Linda Rollason)

September 2015: Full results from the Melton Mowbray Rare and Traditional Breeds Show and Sale, 11th-12th September 2015:
The Breed Champion (winning the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group Trophy, A.E. Boraston Perpetual Memorial Trophy was Lyn Arrowsmith with her 4 horned ewe L18364, Sunbeck, which later sold for 155 guineas.
The Reserve Champion (winning The Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders’ Group Trophy for Reserve Champion, and the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group Trophy for Best opposite sex) was Cathy Cassie with her 2 horned ram L18323, Ronasvoe Sporren, which later sold for 200 guineas.

RAM 1st- Cathy Cassie, L18323, Ronasvoe Sporren; 2nd- Lyn Arrowsmith, L18375, Sunbeck Billy; 3rd- Carol Kempson, L17907, Cannons Kerran
Best four horned ram (IOM MLSBG Trophy) Lyn Arrowsmith, L18375, Sunbeck Billy
EWE 1st- Lyn Arrowsmith, L18364, Sunbeck; 2nd- Sue Taylor, L18278, Parvabrook Agatha; 3rd- Cathy Cassie, L17839, Ronasvoe Zaida
Best four horned ewe (Portfield Trophy) Lyn Arrowsmith, L18364, Sunbeck
RAM LAMB 1st (John Latimer Memorial Trophy)- The Wildlife Trust, L18374, Lings Nene; 2nd- Glenn Mather, L18392, Holbourne Benny; 3rd- John Hedges, L18319, Saepes Maximillian
EWE LAMB 1st- Diane Hammond, L18369, School House Primrose; 2nd- John Hedges, L18353, Saepes Marjory; 3rd- Glenn Mather, L18394, Holbourne Bernice
WOOL ON THE HOOF 1st (Maybecks Trophy)- Lyn Arrowsmith, L18364, Sunbeck; 2nd- Sue Taylor, L18278, Parvabrook Agatha; 3rd- Diane Hammond, L18369, School House Primrose

July 2015: Here are the winners at the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group Annual Show, on 4th July, hosted by Skelton Show. Very well done all!
Champion: Mark Platts with his ram Leven Valley Snowden, winning the Steriopulos Perpetual Isle of Manx Trophy, and the Webbs Green Cup for Best Manx Loaghtan Ram
Reserve Champion: Judith Hawkhead with her shearling ewe Glebethorn Jade, winning the Cassie Trophy and the Ronasvoe Trophy for best Manx Loaghtan Ewe.
Senior Ram. 1st John Hedges; 2nd Louisa Gidney; 3rd Mark Platts; 4th Bob Wood
Shearling Ram. 1st Mark Platts; 2nd David Sumner; 3rd John Hedges; 4th Bob Wood
Ram Lamb. 1st John Hedges; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd Mark Platts; 4th David Sumner
Senior Ewe. 1st Mark Platts; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd David Sumner; 4th Louisa Gidney
Shearling Ewe. 1st Judith Hawkhead; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd Mark Platts; 4th John Hedges
Ewe Lamb. 1st Judith Hawkhead; 2nd Mark Platts; 3rd John Hedges; 4th David Sumner
Veteran Ewe. 1st Bob Wood; 2nd Louisa Gidney; 3rd John Hedges
Group of 3. 1st David Sumner; 2nd John Hedges; 3rd Mark Platts
Wool on the Hoof. 1st Mark Platts; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd John Hedges
Most Primitive Sheep. 1st Louisa Gidney, winning the Sheelagh Holmes Award; 2nd Mark Platts; 3rd John Hedges
Diversity Class. 1st Louisa Gidney, winning the Alastair Dymond Cup; 2nd John Hedges; 3rd Judith Hawkhead
Photography Competition: 1st Kim Everett, winning the Photography Trophy with her portrait of a ram; 2nd Carol Kempson; joint 3rd Bob Wood and Carol Kempson
Crafts Class Garment: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Louisa Gidney with her wonderful heritage garments;
Crafts Open Class: 1st Sabine Kuhlmann; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd John Hedges
Crafts Class Toy: 1st Alison Thompson, 2nd Sue Taylor, 3rd Alison Thompson
Fleece competition: No entries

May 2015: The MLSBG Annual Show will be in the North on 4th July 2015, at the Skelton Show Cumbria. The classes at the show are will be judged by Lyn Arrowsmith, who will also be the after dinner speaker. Classes will be listed in the Show programme (here), and will include:
Most Primitive sheep for the Sheelagh Holmes Award
Pen showing the greatest genetic diversity for the Alastair Dymond Cup
The Champion will be awarded the Steriopulos Perpetual Isle of Man Trophy and the Reserve will be awarded The Cassie Trophy
There are also competitions for crafts, photographs and fleeces.

September 2014: We had a good time at Melton Mowbray show, which was ably judged by Beryl Thompson. Congratulations to the trophy winners:
Breed Champion (MLSBG Trophy, A.E. Boraston Perpetual Memorial Trophy) and Best four horned ewe (Portfield Trophy) : Darren and Cathy Cassie with their lovely ewe Ronasvoe Ysabella
Reserve Champion (MLSBG Trophy for Reserve Champion) Lyn Arrowsmith with her Sunbeck ewe lamb
Best opposite sex (Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group Trophy) and Best four horned ram: IOM Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Grp.Trophy Cathy Cassie with the Lings ram from The Wildlife Trust BCN
Best Ram Lamb (John Latimer Memorial Trophy): Jeff and Ann-Marie Clarke with a Woodbine ram lamb
Maybecks Trophy for best Wool on the hoof: Lyn Arrowsmith with another Sunbeck ewe lamb
In the AGM the 2014-2015 committee was ratified:
Chairman: John Hedges
Vice Chairman: Jeff Clarke
Treasurer: Barry Lewis
Secretary: Carol Kempson
Newsletter Editor: Caroline Lewis
Committee members: Lyn Arrowsmith, Mary Knibbs, Scott Harding

June 2014: The Annual Show at the Royal Three Counties, Malvern was a great success. We had a fantastic display of Manx Loaghtans in the show ring, see the list of winners below, and well done to everyone. The Supreme Champion was Darren and Cathy Cassie's smashing ewe Valora, and the Reserve Champion was Lyn Arrowsmith's impressive ram Edward. Our gazebo offered a welcome chill-out area behind the marquee, and we even won first prize from The Three Counties for our breed stand. Many thanks to our judge Diana Steriopulos for carrying out the difficult job of assessing and choosing the winners, and to our steward Mary Knibbs, who was flat out all morning and into the afternoon doing sterling work.
Steriopulos Perpetual Isle of Man Trophy (Championship): Darren and Cathy Cassie, ewe Ronasvoe Valora
The Cassie Trophy (Reserve Championship): Lyn Arrowsmith, ram Sunbeck Edward
The Sheelagh Holmes Award (Most Primitive Sheep): Barry and Caroline Lewis
The Alastair Dymond Cup for diverse group: Carol Kempson

Class 1 Senior ram 1st Lyn Arrowsmith, 2nd Darren and Cathy Cassie,3rd Carol Kempson, 4th John Hedges
Class 2 Shearling ram: 1st Messrs Mather, 2nd Sue Taylor, 3rd Barry and Caroline Lewis, 4th Sue Taylor
Class 3 Ram lamb: 1st Carol Kempson, 2nd Sue Taylor, 3rd Barry and Caroline Lewis, 4th John Hedges
Class 4 Senior ewe : 1st Darren and Cathy Cassie, 2nd Lyn Arrowsmith, 3rd Sue Taylor, 4th Steven and Francine Burns,
Class 5 Shearling ewe: 1st John Hedges, 2nd Sue Taylor, 3rd Darren and Cathy Cassie, 4th Messrs Mather, 5th Barry and Caroline Lewis
Class 6 Ewe lamb: 1st Messrs Mather, 2nd Steven and Francine Burns, 3rd Barry and Caroline Lewis
Class 7 Veteran ewe: 1st Carol Kempson, 2nd Steven and Francine Burns
Class 8 Group of Three : 1st Lyn Arrowsmith, 2nd Sue Taylor, 3rd Carol Kempson
Class 9 Wool on the Hoof : 1st Sue Taylor, 2nd Steven and Francine Burns
Class 10 Most Primitive : 1st Barry and Caroline Lewis, 2nd Steven and Francine Burns, 3rd Carol Kempson
Class 11 Diversity Class: 1st Carol Kempson, 2nd John Hedges, 3rd Steven and Francine Burns

January 2014: A short video of the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group 2013 Annual Show is now available here.

November 2013: The latest edition of "Practical Sheep Goats & Alpacas" features an article on Manx Loaghtan Sheep. Out in newsagents this week.

October 2013: The Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group Annual Show will be held at the Royal Three Counties Show, Sunday 15th June 2014. More details to follow.......

September 2013: At the Melton Mowbray Traditional and rare Breeds Show, the Manx Loaghtan Champion was won by Cathy & Darren Cassie with ram Ronasvoe Herriot, and the Reserve Champion won by John Hedges, our new Chairman, with ewe lamb Saepes Kiss. Well done!

June 2013: The Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group Annual Show, was held on Saturday June 8th. Carol Kempson won the Steriopulos Perpetual Trophy for her champion ram, Knightley Q, and also the Cassie Trophy for reserve champion with her ewe Cannons Honey. See more details.

January 2013: The Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group Annual Show will be on Saturday June 8th, at Woodbine Farm near Rugby. Joanna Hobson, a past Chairman of the Group, will be judging the sheep classes; Sue Taylor, current vice chair, will be judging the crafts, fleeces and photographs; Rob Havard, the Managing Director of the RBST, will be the after dinner speaker, telling us about the Future of the RBST; and the trophies will be awarded by Dr John Hedges, who many of you know as our previous Treasurer.

30th Sept 2012: At the Stoneleigh Show and Sale, 28-Sep to 29-Sep, thanks to Joanna Hobson for judging the Manx Loaghtan class. The Champion and winner of the Alastair Dymond Cup was Sue Taylor, with her great ram lamb, and the Reserve, winning the Woodbine Trophy, was Jeff Clarke with a ewe. Well done!

30th Sept 2012: The Annual General Meeting of the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders’ Group was held during the Rugby Farmers Mart Ltd Rare & Native Breeds Show & Sale at Stoneleigh Park on Friday 28th September in the Boardroom, RBST offices, Stoneleigh. The 2012-2013 committee is:
Chairman: Jeff Clarke
Vice Chairman: Suzanne Taylor
Treasurer: Nick Bohemia
Secretary: Carol Kempson
Newsletter Editor: Caroline Lewis
Committee: Lyn Arrowsmith, Andy Bryan, Mary Knibbs, Barry Lewis, Diana Steriopulos, Scott Harding

10th Sept 2012: At the 10th NATIONAL SHOW AND SALE OF TRADITIONAL AND NATIVE BREEDS at Melton Mowbray, Congratulations are due to Jeff Clarke for winning the championship with his ewe, and also winning the Maybecks Trophy for Wool on the Hoof! Reserve was won by Lyn Arrowsmith with her ewe lamb, and Best Opposite Sex was won by Barry and Caroline Lewis with their ram. Well done all!

18th Jun 2012: Congratulations to Steven and Francine Burns for winning Champion at the Three Counties Show at Malvern, with their ewe Bramble, who went on to win Best Primitive Sheep. Carol Kempson gained Reserve with her Shearling Ewe.

10th Jun 2012: Congratulations to Barry and Caroline Lewis for gaining Supreme Champion at the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group Annual Show, with their Shearling Ram. Carol Kempson gained Reserve with her Senior Ewe. See Pictures.

29th May 2012: Show Winners at Devon County Show in the British primitive and rare breed classes, judged by Adam Henson. Well done to Richard and Barbara Barker, who took Supreme Champion with their Manx Loaghtan ram; and to Hillary Hanson, who took reserve with her ewe.
Also Congratulations to Steven & Francine Burns - their Manx Loaghtan ewe took 3rd in the primitive breed class at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival.

2nd May 2012: Manx Loaghtan Breeders Patrick and Sue Glynn-Riley and Sue Quilleash meet Prince Charles and Camilla. His Royal Highness Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Peel on the Isle of Man, and not only spoke with Sue and Patrick, but also tasted the Manx Loaghtan mutton. Read the full account with more photographs.

1st March: The Devon County Show ( from 17-19 May has classes for rare breed and primitive rare breed sheep and this year the judge will be Adam Henson (we think that’s who “Mr A Henson, Cheltenham” is in the schedule!). A few Manx Loaghtans will be shown, but it would be great to have some more. The deadline for entries is 9th March so there’s not much time left . There are also young handler classes which qualify for the junior shepherd of the year.

2nd February 2012: We have confirmed the following judges for our events:
  Annual Show 9th June - Joanne Corrigan
  Melton Mowbray 7th September - Cathie Cassie
  Stoneleigh RFM 28th September - Joanne Hobson
See the Events page for more.

4th December 2011: We had a wonderful Christmas lunch at the Sedgebrook Hall, Chapel Brampton. Pictures will be loaded soon!

2nd November 2011: “Kirstie's Handmade Britain” on Channel 4 on November 2nd featured Naomi Stannard with her needle felting – those of you at the Annual Show in June will remember her winning ‘bottle hugger’. And see it here with the Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group rosette, as seen on telly!

27th October 2011: "Matt and Allegra's Big Farm”, which was aired on 24th October on the Good Food Channel, featured Jeff Clarke showing Matt Dawson and Allegra McEvedy how to shear his Manx Loaghtan sheep. The lamb chop recipe they cooked at Woodbine Farm, and shared with Jeff and his team, is here  (but it only shows the recipe and not the eating!). Watch that episode again, see here for details.

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