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Stock For Sale / Wanted

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY. If you want registered, pedigree sheep, check prior to purchase that animal are fully registered with the RBST Combined Flock Book.   Only the breeder can register an animal so please don’t buy animals believed to be eligible in the hope you will be able to register them after purchase because that may not be possible.

If in doubt please contact the Grassroots office at [email protected] or 01932 270421 before making a purchase. Grassroots manages the Manx Loaghtan Flock Book on behalf of the RBST.

FOR SALE:Sheldon flock of Manx Loaghtan sheep, established 1994.  Small number of 2 and 4 horned breeding animals available for sale each year, enquiries welcome. Contact: Hillary Hanson, Sheldon, Sheldon Lane, Doddiscombsleigh, Exeter EX6 7YT. Tel: 01647 253903 Email: [email protected]. Website:

WANTED: Good conformation rams, pedigree or pure bred, ready to work for The Lost Farm, Grandborough Fields, Rugby.Contact Jeff Clarke 07890 265460


Heiniger electric Sheep Shearer. £250.00. Contact Alastair Dymond on [email protected]

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I have one stunning four horn pedigree ram lamb which will be available in September. CFB identifier XL11113. This boy comes from strong four horn line.

I am based in Argyll Scotland but hopefully travel restrictions will have eased by then.

Contact Nina Lingard, 07876025681, [email protected]

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Joanna Hobson in Pury End near Towcester has these graceful, fine-boned, two and four-horned shearling ewes for sale. Six are of Kirby flock lineage, Registration numbers L20109-L20116 and one is of Lewislox lineage L19698. Call Joanna on 07753910589 or 01327811390

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The Group has two rams for loan to members for the 2020 tupping season, the rams representing lineage from the three rarest, male foundation blood lines in 2009. There are currently two founder line rams held on behalf of the MLSBG for loan to members.

• Carrcross Banff L19426 born 2017, 4 horned and carrying rare foundation genes is available to MLSBG members this Autumn. He is currently near Exeter in Devon and if not required in the South West will be moving back to Northamptonshire before the tupping season.

• Glebethorn Nelson L19819 born 2018, 2 horned and carrying rare foundation genes is available to MLSBG members this Autumn. He is currently in Northamptonshire.

Though the Group encourages any member who wishes to introduce these rarer male blood lines into their flock to use the animals, these rare foundation lines would be strengthened by them being placed with ewes with similar heritage. Unfortunately, the Group has been unable to refresh the original data, but if you have animals whose pedigrees show great-grandparents from Periwinkle, Salvator, Pen-Y-Lan, Wernlas, Greenholme or Beilidu flocks, please consider using one of the Group’s rams. If you are interested, please send me [email protected] your ewes’ registration numbers.

To arrange loan of either ram, contact Barry Lewis 01327 842 016 or [email protected]


Hillary Hanson (Devon) has 4 horned ram lambs by Carrcross Banff available for sale, 01647 253903 or: [email protected] , whilst Barry Lewis (Northamptonshire) has a ram lamb and ewe lambs by Glebethorn Nelson available for sale, 07703807983 or email: [email protected].