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york S&S champs


Annual Show 2021

to be hosted by  

the Royal Three Counties Show, Malvern,

during the National Rare and Minority Breeds Show, Sunday tbc June 2021

(to be confirmed)

Judge: Jeff Clarke

Steward: to be confirmed


CLASSES to be entered directly to the Three Counties (when entries open)

X176 Senior Ram. 2 years and over.

X177 Ram Shearling.

X178 Ram Lamb.

X179 Senior Ewe. 2 years old or older and must have reared lambs in 2020

X180 Ewe Shearling.

X181 Ewe Lamb.

X182 Group of three, comprising ram, ewe and lamb.


XS42 CHAMPION. £35 and Rosette for Champion, £15 and Rosette for Reserve, kindly sponsored by the RBST. TCAS Rosettes for Champion and Reserve.


CLASSES to be entered on the show day:

XS43 BEST VETERAN EWE (5 years or older, must have reared lambs in the past but into specifically this year).


XS45 MOST PRIMITIVE SHEEP (a single showing the diversity of the breed and holding the most ‘primitive’ characteristics, such as coarseness or colour of fleeces, mane, deer like structure).

XS46 DIVERSITY CLASS. Pen of 3 to 5 sheep showing the greatest genetic diversity.  



The Steriopulos Trophy and the Weald and Downland Museum Singleton Cup to the Breed Champion

The Cassie Cup to the Reserve Breed Champion

The Webbs Green Cup to the Best Ram

The Rosanvoe Crystal Bowl for the Best Ewe

Rosanvoe Shield to the Best Group of Three

Alastair Dymond Cup for the most genetically diverse Group of 3 to 5 sheep

Sheelagh Holmes Trophy for the most Primitive Animal


There will also be competitions for Fleeces, Photography and Crafts. Entries on the day.

Craft Competition classes:

Class 1: Garment: Finished garment, using Manx Loaghtan wool by any method

Class 2: Toy: An item made using Manx Loaghtan fleece, wool, horn or hide

Class 3: Open Class (could include novelty, household or utility item) made using Manx Loaghtan fleece, wool, horn or hide

Photography Competition classes:

Class 1: Portrait of one Manx Loaghtan sheep

Class 2: Manx Loaghtan sheep in a natural setting

Class 3: Manx Loaghtan action photo

Class 4: Amusing photo of Manx Loaghtan sheep (with or without owners/breeders)


SOCIAL EVENT on Saturday night to be announced later



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