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Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group

National Show 2024

to be held on

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August 2024

kindly hosted by Dean and Katie Whybrow

at Lower Wilbury Farm, Letchworth, HERTFORDSHIRE (

Saturday: Farm tour and displays; craft displays (have a go!); Social BBQ
Sunday: Show classes
Camping available

• Senior Ram. 2 years and over.
• Ram Shearling.
• Ram Lamb.
• Senior Ewe. 2 years old or older, must have reared lambs in 2022
• Ewe Shearling.
• Ewe Lamb.
• Group of three, comprising ram, ewe and lamb.

To be entered on the day of the Show:
• Best Veteran Ewe (5 years or older, must have reared lambs in the past but not specifically this year).
• Wool on the Hoof.
• Most Primitive Sheep (a single showing the most ‘primitive’ characteristics, i.e. an alert, intelligent, lean, fine boned, animal with a fleece that will protect it from excessively wet weather, good teeth and hooves, that looks as if it could thrive “on the moor”. If the sheep has not yet been shorn, it could have a mane and dark line down their back.)
• Diversity Class. Pen of 3 to 5 sheep showing the greatest genetic diversity.

• The Steriopulos Trophy and the Weald and Downland Museum Singleton Cup to the Breed Champion
• The Cassie Cup to the Reserve Breed Champion
• The Webbs Green Cup to the Best Ram
• The Rosanvoe Crystal Bowl for the Best Ewe
• Rosanvoe Shield to the Best Group of Three
• Alastair Dymond Cup for the most genetically diverse Group of 3 to 5 sheep
• Sheelagh Holmes Trophy for the most Primitive Animal
• The Isle of Man Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breed Society Trophy for the best Four-Horned Ram


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