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A very wet Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group National Show at the Royal Lancashire.

Congratulations to Louisa Gidney, who not only won the Championship, but also won Most Primitive, Most Diverse, and Craft competition with a wonderful skirt. And well done Judith Hawkhead for winning the Reserve Championship. Thanks to Jayne Drinkwater for judging! Also well done to Hanna Duinkerken for winning the Photographic Trophy.

Champion: Louisa Gidney 

Reserve: Judith Hawkhead 

Class winners:

Ram: 1st Charlie Whybrow; 2nd Gabe Mather; 3rd Louisa Gidney

Shearling ram: 1st Louisa Gidney; 2nd Jason Whybrow; 3rd Judith Hawkhead

Ram lamb: 1st Judith Hawkhead; 2nd Jason Whybrow; 3rd Charlie Whybrow

Ewe: 1st Gabe Mather; 2nd Lyn Arrowsmith; 3rd Louisa Gidney

Shearling Ewe: 1st Judith Hawkhead; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd Louisa Gidney 

Ewe lamb: 1st Lyn Arrowsmith; 2nd T Bretherton;  3rd Jason Whybrow 

Veteran ewe (entered on day): 1st Judith Hawkhead; 2nd Jason Whybrow; 3rd Louisa Gidney

Group of 3: 1st Jason Whybrow; 2nd Judith Hawkhead; 3rd Lyn Arrowsmith 

Wool on the hoof (entered on the day): 1st Judith Hawkhead; 2nd Lyn Arrowsmith;  3rd Louisa Gidney 

Most Primitive (entered on the day): 1st Louisa Gidney; 2nd Louisa Gidney; 3rd Judith Hawkhead 

Diversity Class (entered on the day): 1st Louisa Gidney; 2nd Judith Hawkhead;  3rd Jason Whybrow 


The Craft Competition, was also won (Champion and Reserve) by Louisa Gidney for her wonderful skirt and bonnet.

Class 1 Garment: 1st Lousia Gidney; 2nd Louisa Gidney; 3rd Mary Horner; #

Class 2 Toy: 1st Mary Horner; 2nd Alice Underwood


The Photo Competition ; Hanna Duinkerken was the overall Champion with her wonderful ram, with Carol Melling as Reserve with her snowy flock. Class Winners:

Ram or shearling ram: Hanna Duinkerken

Ram lamb. Joint winners: Stephanie Warbey, Claire Howcroft, Howcroft, Jenny Shepherd

Ewe or shearling ewe: Annette Jones

Ewe lamb Aminah Shabir

Flock. Joint winners: Rosie Ball, Carol Melling

Humorous: Jane Amanda

Craft comp 2a.jpg

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The Manx Loaghtan Sheep Breeders' Group

National Show 2023

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