PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY. If you want registered, pedigree sheep, check prior to purchase that animal are fully registered with the RBST Combined Flock Book.   Only the breeder can register an animal so please don’t buy animals believed to be eligible in the hope you will be able to register them after purchase because that may not be possible.

If in doubt please contact the Grassroots office at or 01932 270421 before making a purchase. Grassroots manages the Manx Loaghtan Flock Book on behalf of the RBST.


Hillary Hanson in Devon has 2 and 4-horned off-spring of Carcross Banff for sale. Contact Hillary on 01647 253903 or Here are some pictures of Hillary’s ram lambs for sale:

hillary 1.jpg
hillary 2.jpg

FOR SALE: Three young registered ewes, five ewe lambs and a choice of three ram lambs. All the lambs are sired by Biddlesden Moss Side. (Photo shown)


The Goodleigh flock is situated in Pembrokeshire.


Please contact Richard Broad, Mobile 07775568819 or email

hillary 3.jpg
Richard Broad advert Moss Side Sept 20 b.jpg

FOR SALE: Sheldon flock of Manx Loaghtan sheep, established 1994.  Small number of 2 and 4 horned breeding animals available for sale each year, enquiries welcome.  Tel: 01647 253903 Email: Hillary is based in Devon, thirty minutes from Exeter.

WANTED: Good conformation rams, pedigree or pure bred, ready to work for The Lost Farm, Grandborough Fields, Rugby. Contact Jeff Clarke 07890 265460


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